Two Rivers Acupuncture & Tuina Werbebanner: Das Fabelwesen halb Löwe, Leopard und chinesischer Drache erinnert mit seinem Fellmuster an die typischen Merkmale nach einer Schröpfbehandlung in der TCM.


Treating illnesses the natural way I deal with health issues covering the following areas: Sports injuries Back pain, Shoulder pain Tired legs Occupational related ailments: mouse arm, headaches, stress symptoms Digestion, weight loss Mental problems – depression, general fear Fertility Menstrual cycle related problems Prevention: Diabetes, high blood pressure and other life-style diseases Eyes Hearing loss Congested sinuses Allergies Strengthening the immune system Sexual health Loss of concentration Frequent colds, running noses Treatment of scar … Read more


In China it is common to have outpatients come into the clinic for daily treatments. They undergo a series of 10 treatments (2 weeks.) and then have a break of 3 weeks until a new series starts.

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My patients benefit from a network of colleagues, who have specialized in other therapy approaches like: Herbal Medicine Dietetic counseling Shiatsu Lab-based diagnosis (Orthomolecular Medicine) Hypnotherapy Qigong and Taiji Quan Sundao (Meditation & Breathing exercises)


Tuina Anmo often abreviated as Tuina is one of the 5 therapeutic branches from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The other 4 branches are acupuncture, herbal medicine, Qi Gong / Taijiquan aka “Tai Chi”, and 5 Elements nutrition.

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I treat individual male or female patients as well as couples along TCM concepts with regards to improving their chances for conceiving a baby regardless of their chosen path: IVF & Transfer or just a change in life style for letting nature have its way. Before conceivingA combination of acupuncture, Tuina and counseling empowers patients to conceive a baby. Before the transferAcupuncture and Tuina prepare the body for welcoming the fertilized egg and letting it … Read more


Q: That means sticking needles in your ear?A: Yes and no. Your ear lobes will be needled and some of the visible areas on your ear. There is no needling of the hearing canal. The needles are considerably smaller and thinner than with body acupuncture. The insertion depth is 1 to 2 mm depending on the location. Q: Does it hurt?A: Yes, it feels like a mosquito bite with the insertion pain rapidly settling down. … Read more


Yin and Yang are two forces in the universe that are effective everywhere. It explains the ongoing process and dynamics of natural change. The well-known symbol of Yin and Yang represents the universal law of eternal change. It represents the way in which things change. Opposites attract each other, they condition each other, form a unity and ultimately – at their peak – become their opposite. It is a description without evaluation, neither yin nor … Read more


Qi is the invigorating energy of all processes, our life force or life energy. It animates all living beings, nature and the cosmos. It is an energy that is present in all forms of matter and is concentrated in living organisms. In TCM a distinction is made between prenatal and postnatal Qi. The prenatal or innate qi is inherited from parents and ancestors. This is stored in the kidneys and is our essence. The postnatal … Read more


“When we eat with pleasure, the stomach directs the purest portion of the essence from the food directly to the heart and awakens our joy of life.” Good eating habits are the most important principle for strengthening the energy of the center. Prefer good quality and high quality food, seasonal and local food Establish a daily rhythm with regular meals Regular breakfast, lavish lunch and light dinner, the latter before 6:00 p.m. Serve lots of … Read more