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Q: Can you treat the Coronoavirus?
A: No. Heilpraktiker are restricted by German law not to treat any infectious deseases. Any patient showing any symptoms of an infectious disease as stipulated by the law will need to be reported to the local Health Authority and thus referred to the public health system.

Q: What are your hygienic measures?

  1. Single use, sterile acupuncture needles
  2. Single use paper covers for the treatment table
  3. All point locations are swiped with a disinfectant before they are needled.
  4. Single use face masks are available for the practitioner and the patient
  5. Door handles and those areas touched by patients are swiped with a disinfectant prior to each session.
  6. There is a documented cleaning plan for the toilet, waiting area and treatment rooms.

Q: What are you treating?
A: The full range of ailments and health problems for which patients have been seeking acupuncture treatments:

  • musculoskeletal illnesses
  • mental health problems & issues
  • chronic diseases
  • fertility

General advice with regard to health emergencies in Germany in English: From the website Justlanded

Last update: 18.01.2023