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Dear Patients,

We have been getting a lot of calls from concerned patients and general enquiries.

You are welcome to visit our pratice Praxis Ishikawa – Two Rivers Acupuncture in Schärfengässchen 4-6, if you don’t have the obvious signs of a Coronavirus infection like:

  • fever and/or
  • severe coughing and/or
  • (severe) fatigue or weakness
  • any other obvious symptoms: profuse sweating, weak limbs, dizziness etc.

We operate under the current hygienic guidelines as provided by the local health inspector. The Gesundheitsamt Frankfurt is the local health authority for all doctors and Heilpraktiker in Frankfurt.

In addition, we use an ozone generator / air cleaning device after business hours to clean the treatment rooms. And we also wipe intermittently all doorhandles and some of the heavily used / touch areas (table edge) etc with desinfection wipes.

We also have mouth masks & gloves and if desired the patients can request us and them to wear those during treatment anytime.

We as practitioners follow the same rules as those provided to the general public with respect to self-isolation, contacting a (general) doctor for further assesment and seeking medical treatment in case of a suspected infection with the Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2).

We will notify patients with pending appointments and all patients, who have visited our premises after 1.1.2020 via e-mail or phone of any notifications from our local health authority (pertaining to the operation of the acupuncture clinic in our premises or patient safety).

Thank you for your trust and for keep coming to our practice with your health concerns.

News from the Robert Koch Institut (RKI)

General recommended safety measures from RKI

RKI’s Coronavirus information page

The Gesundheitsamt Frankfurt (our local health authority)

News from the Gesundheitsamt

What to do when you suspect you hav caught the coronavirus
More Internet Resources

What to do when you suspect you hav caught the coronavirus

  1. Self-isolate (stay at home).
  2. Contact i.e. call your local GP / health clinic (where you are a registered patient).
  3. Await further instructions from your local GP.

In case you need to stay in self-isolation organise your own support network of relatives, friends, colleagues from work:

  1. Arrange the provision of food and other amenities without putting other people at risk.
  2. Keep regular contact with relatives, friends or work colleague to ensure that in case of a health or mental health situation you can get a first line support.
  3. Follow instructions and guidance provide by your GP / doctor.

If this is not possible or you face a worsening health or mental health crisis contact the emergency services.

General advice with regard to health emergencies in Germany
From the website Justlanded

Updated advice from the Robert Koch Institut with respect to private measures and contact reduction
In German
From the website Justlanded

More Internet resources

News from the Robert Koch Institut (RKI)
General recommended safety measures from RKI

RKI’s Coronavirus information page

The Gesundheitsamt Frankfurt (our local public health authority)

News from the Gesundheitsamt


Homepage of the Gesundheitsamt in Frankfurt
The contact page of the Gesundheitsamt (the Public Health Authority in Frankfurt / Main – Germany

Homepage of Robert Koch Institut
In German
In English

German Media

Germany has loads of newspapers, radio stations and quality newssites. For well grounded and edited news turn to:

Deutschlandfunk Deutschland Funk is Germany’s public radio – You can find weighted and credible journalism on this website

FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung The website run by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

News from the Rhein-Main Region from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Background information to the German health authority system Here some links for further information regarding the German health system with respect to the management of public health issues: Gesundheitsamtsystem
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General Introduction to the Gesundheitsamt (Public Health Authority)) and its functions in Wikipedia Robert Koch Institut
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