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Whether your are a traveller having a stopover in Frankfurt Airport or you are an English-speaking expat, who is staying here for a while: If you are interested in Chinese Medicine as a treatment or would like to know more about one of Chinese Medicine’s fundamental concepts the 5 Elements / 5 Phases, I can offer you either a ‘Grand Tour’ series or a single appointment ‘5 Elements Stopover’.

5 Elements Acupuncture – has also European roots

Individuals like JR Worsley as well as Angela & John Hicks and Peter Mole with their book ‘5 Phases Constitutional Acupuncture’ and Yair Maimon from Israel’s with his ‘Shen Acupuncture’ framework are the modern day European teachers of this style. It is one of the three most prevalent acupuncture styles in Europe – the other two being TCM Syndrome Acupuncture and Japanese Meridian Therapy.

5 Elements acupuncture has some interesting secondary applications like:

  • Treatment for ‘Gui’- deep seated behavioural or mental patterns part and parcel of a chronic condition
  • Treatment for Aggressive Energy
  • Akabane Test for testing & treating all your meridians

Above all, it is the framework of the 5 Phases that almost everybody has heard off. But unless you have studied Chinese Medicine you would not have delved into it.

I will give you an eye opening, thought-expanding introduction, that you can feel with your body, as you get a treatment.

The Grand 5 Elements Tour

The Grand 5 Elements Tour are 5 sessions each focusing on one of the elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water

Each session includes:

  • Short overview of the Sheng and Ke Cycle
  • Explanation about the Element / Phase we focus on
  • Meridian Stretching / Qigong Exercise
  • Acupuncture & Tuina treatment

Here is a small sample from what we cover

Liver / Gallbladder, emotional qualities,
Tuina (sideline, head and legs)

Heart Small Intestine, Pericard and Triple Warmer
Emotional qualities
Acupuncture for calming the Shen

Spleen, Stomach, Diet
Abdominal Tuina, Tuina for the legs

Lungs, Large Intestine
Breathing patterns
Tuina for breast cage, ribs, and skin

Kidney and Bladder
Mental aspects of the will & fear as an emotion
Tuina for the lower back and legs

Just here for a stopover in Frankfurt?

My clinic is located at S-Bahn Hauptwache. From the airport it takes about 25 minutes when you get on the S-Bahn.

Example: 7 hours in Frankfurt

Assuming you have a 7 hour stopover at Frankfurt Airport and as an example I use the following hypothetical time schedule:  Arrival at 13.00 planned departure at 20.00

13.00 Venture into the city center

  • Buy a return ticket
  • Get on the S-Bahn from the Underground Regional Train Station (Terminal 1)
  • Get out at the station Hauptwache

That should take around 40 to 50 minutes max. including the time to find your way around the airport, buying a ticket from the ticket machine and waiting for the S-Bahn.

From Hauptwache – when you step out. Walk down the Zeil – which is still one of Europe’s longest pedestrianised shopping streets. Opposite Galleria Kaufhof there is a street leading away towards the Römer -Frankfurt’s most famous historic location.

Before the Römer you reach a square with a fountainband  a church on the left side and a cobblestone road. Locate the church with the string of shoe shops, jewelery shop at the churchwall.

Walk on that side of the pavement and follow the church building.
You turn into  a smaller street called “Schärfengäßchen” in which my clinic is located. For further details and pictures of the entrance, check this link.

14.00 You relax and learn about the 5 Elements and what it implies for your constitution. Around 15.45 /16.00 you are back on the street.

16.00 Time for a soup, shopping or the Goethe Haus.  World literature’s No.2 was born in Frankfurt and you can check out the place where he spent his childhood.

PS. the honor of being No.1 in the world literature canon goes to  Shakespeare.

If you are hungry there is a very good Vietnamese restaurant at the corner.  Galleria Kaufhof has a restaurant on the 7th floor to check out Frankfurt’s Skyline.

You can still linger around or have a sneak peak at the Römer square
or go shopping along the Zeil.

You can also visit the picture gallery in the Goethe Haus. Easily done in 60 minutes. Plus there is an interesting bunch of eateries, cafes around the Goethe Hause.

18.00 to 18.30 latest:  You take the S-Bahn back to the Airport.
25 – 30 minutes later you are at the security to go through to your gate.  Some airlines may require you to be there earlier.

20.00 You depart from Frankfurt

When you ask for an appointment let me know your specific timetable and I will try to arrange the best slot for a relaxed stop over in Frankfurt.

Packages: ‘5 Elements Grand Tour’ and ‘5 Elements Stopover’

The Grand Tour consists of 5 Sessions:

  • Each individual session 115 Euro
  • Booking all 5 in advance 500 Euros
  • Duration 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Treatment interval 1 or 2 weeks

The Stopover treatment:

5 Elements Stopover:  1 hour 45 minutes : 115 Euros
A Tuina & Acupuncture – stopover long session: 2 hours : 160 Euros


or send me an E-mail with your preferred time slot: